Between Drifts is an acoustic group based in the Gunnison Valley of Colorado, led by Dave Pinkerton. Dave has been playing in the valley for a long time, and he has enjoyed playing with a variety of local musicians over the years. Between Drifts represents Dave’s ongoing collaborations as well as his solo work. Dave’s solo act includes story songs and instrumentals, with a fun mix of humor in the spirit of John Hartford. His music is influenced by local history as well as the the natural beauty of the Colorado Rockies. The mountains and valleys provide a spectacular backdrop, and the rivers flow through the soul of his music.

Dave plays banjo and guitar, and he has really blazed his own trail with his banjo. He adds a very interesting mix to songs where you might not expect to hear a banjo. Dave also provides lead vocals and sings harmony. His music library includes bluegrass, folk, blues, American roots, and crossover music that blurs the lines. Some refer to this style in general as Americana, though it’s difficult to put a single label on so many genres. Dave also writes and performs a lot of his original work, and he continues to explore new music and further develop his sound. Check out the calendar and come out for some music and fun, and join Dave and friends as the musical journey continues.